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Millions reached worldwide

Adnan Maqsood

TV Show Host | Evangelist | Writer |

Husband | Father | Founder of Vision Ministries 




Adnan is a visionary, prophetic messenger, revivalist, and healing evangelist. He has served in ministry for more than 17 years in Pakistan and the United States. He has been to many nations proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Adnan is currently residing in Houston, Texas along with his wife Dessa, and children. He reached over 100 million through social media. Since the age of 12, God has chosen him and raised him from the dead overnight. God has been using him since then and has blessed him with a unique supernatural anointing to move in people's lives with healing, deliverance, and breaking chains of generational curses. Adnan wants to minister to each and every individual in different and efficient ways and wants to help people build a personal and intimate relationship with God through the encounters of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ. Adnan wants to declare boldly to every nation, race, and region that Jesus is the answer to your life.


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